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A test designed for you

Ev@lang has been designed for use by language schools, foreign language training centres, universities and French overseas cultural network bodies (French Institutes and Alliances Françaises).

This language assessment tool fits seamlessly into your language course provision to help:

  • put together groups of levels;
  • guide learners towards specific training options;
  • select your students;
  • guide candidates towards an exam leading to a specific certificate/diploma.

The Ev@lang test is eligible for the personal training account. (code CPF : 235522)

Ev@lang is a tool designed to enhance your training programmes and, if applicable, complement your service offer to partner companies with a view to meeting a wide range of needs and expectations:

  • recruitment;
  • enhancement of language skills;
  • guidance;
  • career development;
  • international mobility;
  • training assessment;
  • setting up of language audits.


A low-cost assessment solution: Ev@lang's versatility allows you to format the test according to your needs (selecting between various skills modules to be evaluated) and thus keep your budget under control without compromising in terms of the quality and accuracy of the results obtained. Prices vary depending on the chosen format and the number of test units ordered.


 Easy to manage: The test is managed directly via a dedicated online platform accessed by entering the user details and a password communicated by the CIEP.

« Ev@lang is an accurate test structured around an easy-to-master, user-friendly interface and excellent data management, an essential tool in a language centre like ours. »

P. Pouzergues, Project Manager, SIAL (inter-university language learning department), Sorbonne University

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