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How does Ev@lang work?

Ev@lang is a 100% online test in HTML5 format.

It is managed by a full web application that requires no prior installation and can be used on any type of support (PC, Mac or other computer, tablet, smartphone).

Ev@lang is an extremely versatile tool that can be used by groups or individuals, in the classroom and remotely. It's up to you to choose!

Very user-friendly: candidates simply enter the user details supplied to log in to Ev@lang and take the test.

Everything has been designed to make the assessment process as straightforward as possible: clear instructions, icons to facilitate navigation, a stopwatch to keep an eye on time, specific instructions for each stage of the test.

With Ev@lang users can also tailor the assessment to their own requirements thanks to a system of individual or multiple test unit combinations (oral comprehension/written comprehension/grammar & vocabulary).

The duration of the test varies depending on the number of individual test units proposed and user performance:

Minimum duration 7 minutes
Maximum duration 35 minutes