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Please find below the most frequently asked questions :

How do I sign up for Ev@lang ?

To assess your language skills and sign up for Ev@lang, you need to contact an distributor.

If you can't find a test centre in your area, ask your nearest language school to become an accredited distributor.

How is a test session organised? 

Since Ev@lang is entirely online, the agent offering the Ev@lang test determines the conditions for sitting the test, which may be taken either in the centre or remotely (from home, for example).

How long does the test last?

The length of the test varies depending on the number of skills assessed (written comprehension, oral comprehension, grammar and vocabulary) and the applicant's ability. Sitting 3 modules will take a maximum of 35 minutes.

The test is timed.

Which skills are assessed ?

The choice of skills assessed is defined by the agent on the basis of the needs of individual users. A maximum of 3 areas may be assessed: 

  • Written comprehension (questions based on written texts),
  • Oral comprehension (questions based on spoken texts),
  • Grammar & vocabulary (candidates choose the appropriate grammatical forms or vocabulary to complete phrases).


When will I receive my results?

Ev@lang issues results immediately. The centre will be able to inform candidates of their results as soon as the test has been completed.

Is it possible to sign up directly with the CIEP?

The CIEP is not a test centre. Contact a distributor to find the nearest test centre to your home. Find an Ev@lang test centre

Does the Ev@lang test lead to a certificate?


Ev@lang does not issue an official certificate but a sheet of results.  To find out about the CIEP's official certificates/diplomas, click here.

Since no certificates are issued by Ev@lang, the results are valid indefinitely.

How many times can I sit the Ev@lang test?

You can sit the Ev@lang test as often as you like provided a centre has given you access to the platform.

Can I practise for the Ev@lang tests?

A free online demonstration is available. View the demo