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A test that meets your needs

An ability to speak one or more foreign languages is now an essential factor in career development. Ev@lang, which is aligned with a standardised European scale of foreign language ability levels (the CEFRL), provides you with a rapid and accurate vision of your employees' language skills.

Ev@lang is a useful tool for :

  • recruiting future employees;
  • managing the international mobility of employees;
  • guiding personnel towards language training courses;
  • setting up language training courses;
  • supporting the return on investment (ROI) of training courses delivered within the company;
  • setting up language audits.

The Ev@lang test is eligible for the peronal training account.(code CPF:235522)

A low-cost assessment solution: prices vary depending on the chosen format and the number of test units ordered. So you can assess employees' skills in the specific area(s) chosen (oral comprehension / written comprehension / grammar and vocabulary), in one or several languages. Some very good discounts are available based on the number of tests purchased.


Easy to manage: Ev@lang can be taken to sat by individuals or groups in a centre managed by a distributor or directly in your company. To save you time, the distributor may offer a package of services associated with this assessment (training, refresher courses, etc.). 

« Ev@lang is extremely quick, I was able to sit the test I needed and get the results immediately. I was then in a position to apply for an internal position on the basis of my validated language skills. »